Monday, April 4, 2011

Too Faced Luster Liner Lipliner in Tahitian

Hm... I’m not sure why I picked this up... I am pretty sure it is the unique packaging and the pretty color.
That must be my first time seeing a lip pencil with the product enclosed in clear plastic material. I just like the idea being able to see the color of my product thru the packaging, or in this case, the pencil. Plus the product promises lustre and multi dimensional color from south sea pearl. These babies are meant to coordinate with Too Faced’s Girls Dig Pearls lip gloss line.

The color... is, as you can see... is a pretty blue-based pearly pink. I am pretty happy with the pigmentation too.

It has no fragrance, but has a little waxy smell typical of older style lippies. It applies easily, glides well and feels so light on my lip.


It was super ultra drying. 15-30 minutes after wearing, I just had to take it off. It somehow accentuates lines/wrinkles of my lip. Let’s just hope the other color works better for me...

In summary...
Packaging: cute cubby pencil style made of clear plastic
Color variations: only 4 colors here... all blue based pinks, purple and plum
Texture: light, glides well...
Moisturizing: 1/5, ultra drying on my lips
Is it worth it?
Yes if... you like the color that much...
No if... your lips are rather dry.

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