Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kose Cosmenience Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Body Powder

Rose overload! These few days I have been spray happy with my favourite rose fragrances, like The Perfumer Workshop Tea Rose or Thierry Mugler Angel La Rose. I love rose and with mood like this, I will grab anything rosey! And I did... Kose Comenience Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Body Powder. As you know, Kose is Japanese cosmetics brand which brings us, of course, Kose line of skincare and make up and Fasio, the drugstore make up line. After some consulting the wise Uncle Google, I figured this product has been around for few years in Singapore. (again, where have I been?!?). In the shop where I got this bay, there was a tiny rack filled with pink colored, rose scented products from Kose. Ranging from hair care to soap to cologne... thanks to the cute packaging, I ended up with the body powder.
Look at that cute pink rose shaped handle on top! The powder comes with pink soft powder puff with pink ribbon on top. Unfortunately the lid is not one of those twist/screw to close. So, if I forgot that and grab the cute pink thing by the rose shaped handle, it will just tumble down... how do I know...I tried... (more like it happen accidentally then purposely trying taking it by the handle...)

The powder itself is so soft and mildly fragranced. When I opened the seal, there is nothing mild about the fragrance. But upon application, the scent softened a lot and gave me soft candied rose smell. Love...

Fallen in love with the body powder, the next natural thing to do is... grab the cologne! But I didn’t. For I don’t fancy the accords in the cologne, it smells of strong alcohol and artificial roses. Nothing like my beloved body powder. How I wish I could buy another product from this range ...

Even though I don’t usually powdered up my body, this rose scented baby is a definite repurchase!

Packaging: cute pink rose themed, be careful with the lid though...
Price: SGD 25
Texture: scented body powder, very pale pink in color. Texture similar to Johnson&Johnson baby powder
Staying power:
Is it worth it?
Yes if... you like to apply body powder, you like the smell of roses
No if... you don’t powder up so much, you simply cant stand roses


  1. aaah this is my favorite japanese brand cosme!

  2. Agreed. Love this line a lot, especially this powder!