Friday, April 15, 2011

Majolica Majorca Neo Automatic Liner in RD544

I love liquid eyeliners. Rarely I got pencil eyeliner which can stay put on my oily lids. So, I just have to try every single liquid eyeliners my wallet can take out there.
Majolica Majorca is one of my favourite Japanese drug store brand. I adore their eye shadow palettes. I guess the eyeliner should be good too?

It is one of those automatic eyeliners, where u just have to twist the end of the pen...and your eyeliner is ready to use!

I kind of like the brush tip. Always nicely shaped, not too hard, not too soft too.
The color is pretty nice too. metallic maroon. Too bad, the texture is not... it is too sheer for my liking. I have to reapply and reapply to get to my desired intensity.

It doesn’t run, but it is easily off if I rub my eyes even a little bit. I don’t like this too much.

In summary...
Packaging: easy to use, click pen style
Color variations: 3/5 nice variations of darker metallic colors
Texture: light but not pigmented
Staying power: doesn’t create panda eyes, but easily off with even simple light rubbing
Is it worth it?
Yes if... collect Majolica Majorca and just have to have everything from the brand
No if... you prefer more pigmented liners, you like more lasting liners

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