Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Etude House Shine Stick eyeshadow in 12

Who can say no to such pretty pink? I just grab it without swatching it first on my skin...

First of all, adore the easy to use packaging! No messy sharpening... just twist the end of the pencil and voila...ready to use!

The color itself is sheer blue based baby pink and loads of glitter. The texture is a little creamy with hint oil... this makes it easy to blend, but not comfortable for my already oily lids.

And yes...there is such thing as too much glitter. The glitter just drop easily and runs to under eyes area. The glitter is not so fine and I can feel it irritates my eyes as glitter flecks started dropping off. I don’t fancy this...

Dang...greedy me picked up two colors! I just hope the other one is better than this!

In summary...
Packaging: easy to use, twist pen style
Color variations: couldn’t remember
Staying power: runs easily, with glitter chunks started dropping and irritate my eyes
Is it worth it?
No I don’t think so... unless you can find other ways to utilize this ultra glittery product

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