Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kiss Me Nail Mente Top Coat Gel Shine

Kiss Me is a Japanese brand more famous for their super waterproof mascaras and BB creams. But they do have nail line as well… for example, this one: Nail Mente Top Coat Gel Shine.
(picture from adambeauty.com)
This is one of the popular japanse gel style top coats which many other brands like esprique and ettusais offer. No, this is not the UV cured top coats….this is in fact a regular top coat. Just designed to give your nail that slick glossy finish. Kinda making it look like gel polish /wet polish. Even though it appears wet, no worries, after it really dries, it is not as squishy as it looks.
I do like the consistency, it is not too thick, not too runny. Dry time is fast also- faster than OPI top coat but slower than Seche Vite. In term of gloss, it makes my nail appear super glossy –way glossier than my regular Seche Vite.
Definitely I will repurchase! Easy to use and I like the glossiness it gives. It can revitalize my manicure mid week..just when my top coat got scratched and start losing its luster-I would put this on top and it looks as fresh as 3 hours old manicure!
I got mine from adambeauty.com

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