Thursday, August 2, 2012

Etude House Hair Coloring in 1 Deep Black

In attempt to make my dried fried frizzy hair look more glossy, I’ve decided to dye my hair…black. And off I go, picking up a box of Etude House Hair Coloring in 1 Deep Black.
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Etude House is cosmetic brand from South Korea, which offers everything a girl might need in her powder room. From lipsticks, creams, shampoo…to hair color! This box I picked, is one of the popular Asian style bubble hair color.
How is it different from our usual L’oreal box? No mixing and combing required! Inside the box you will find a pump bottle filled with colorant (labeled no.2) , another pouch of colorant (labeled no. 1) , a small sachet of conditioner, a pair of gloves and a piece of clear plastic sheet. I do like the fact that they include the plastic sheet to be worn as collar to protect my shirt from the possible dripping bubbles.
I usually use Kao Prettia to dye, this time I’m gonna compare it with Etude House’s. Same rules here, open the colorant pouch and empty the content to the pump bottle. Close securely and mix by shaking it gently once or twice. No need to shake violently ala bartender or making milkshake here…. The colorants will mix easily. Now, just wear the plastic piece as collar to protect your shirt and wear the gloves. Squeeze the bottle to dispense creamy-ivory colored soft bubble. Massage on your hair.  My thick shoulder length hair needs a bottle to get all evenly covered. Then wait about 30 minutes. Proceed by washing with water as usual. I don’t shampoo after coloring… I just use conditioner to make my hair feel softer after dying. Oh, one more important thing, start with dried hair! Not wet hair.
Now, unlike Prettia or Liese I usually use, this one feel harsh on hair. As in, my hair actually feels crunchy during the coloring process. That’s why I use my own conditioner to tame my frizzy and all tangled hair after washing the dye. After the conditioner, I applied generous amount of my favorite Vrai argan oil and air dry my hair while combing carefully. But, in contrast to Liese which has rather strong smell, Etude House doesn’t smell strong at all…
Beware, just like other brands, the color will still bleed after a few washes.
After all the necessary precautionary conditioning, oil slathering, serum doping I did on my hair after the coloring… I am happy with the result. My hair is now, black and shiny. It is still stiff and frizzy, but at least it look shinier.
I like this one, primarily because of the addition of the plastic sheet to cover my shirt! And the smell is not as pungent as other brands I’ve tried. I’m going to repurchase when I need to dye my hair again.

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