Thursday, August 18, 2011

Missha Procure 365 Hair Mist in Green Aqua

Missha is more famous for its BB cream than anything else. Since I needed mist to get rid (or more like… mask) the smell of hawker centre / canteen after lunch, I grabbed this one.

All the instructions and notes are in Korean, so I don’t have a clue what other benefit shall I expect from this one other than adding a dash of freshness to my hair. The website, thankfully is available in English…

Missha's Procure Hair Mists not only leave the hair smelling great, but have built-in UV protection as well. Get a great-smelling mane with the added benefit of UV protection in one easy spritz. This product is guaranteed to becoming one of your beauty staples.Choose from Green Aqua, Fresh Flower & Sweet Fruits’

UV protection! Wow! But I couldn’t find any SPF number here… the only number I see is ‘10-15’ which I think I could safely assume it is how far I should hold the bottle from my hair to evenly spray the product.

as it is called, ‘Green Aqua’, the product smells fresh and aquatic. Really light and non obtrusive, but enough to get rid of that nasty stink from food court.

It doesn’t do anything to my ultra dry hair; however, if I sprayed it enough, I can feel my hair getting a little beach-textured. You know… that feeling when you spray your hair with a little salt water to make the nicely tousled ‘surfer gal hair’. I don’t think this could replace salt-water spray or other styling product though.

Bottom line, this is nice to use after lunch. But does nothing otherwise. Plus, if you couldn’t get it in retail price or you dislike online shopping, this is not worth it.

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