Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Etude House nail polish GR608

Look at that unique neon yellow! I just have to have it!!!

Or not… (as I found out later)
Just like anything else from Etude House, this Korean brand really nailed it every time they design their packaging. This mini nail polish is no exception. Small and cute. And with seasonal colors such as this strikingly unique yellow greenish neon, I think it would be a greater idea not to invest (uh, yes, I ‘invest’ in my polish and make up item = p) in big bottle such as the regular Essies or OPIs.

And with its KRW xx price tag, it doesn’t hurt bit even to grab more colors! Sounds like heaven, right? No…

The color is…as you can see… sheer neon yellow with greenish tint and jelly finish. Etude house seems to consider this one Greens from its color coding (GR608), but I think this is more yellow than green. In the bottle it reminds me of the color of certain type of young unfurled banana shoot… anyways, on nail, I feel like using yellow highlighter… that level of sheerness… even after 2-3 coats. By looking at how sheer this is, I don’t think I would recommend anyone to pick this color. The scotch tape swatch below is single, double and triple coat...

First of, the formula. It is so hard to make it even and nice. And somehow it takes forever to dry. Normally, even the longest drying of OPIs or Orlys, I don’t have to use my hair dryer to work. This one… even the first layer need hair dryer to help with the drying.

Granted, yellows are not the easiest color to formulate in nail polish it seems. If this were not yellow, I would have thrown it away after witnessing the result on first coat. however, I still wanna give this yellow a try , As the color is very sheer, I need to pile more coat… there goes the second coat. And … it dries... forever and a day.

With hair dryer, fan and every single method I know, I still couldn’t manage to make it dry even after 2 hours. Mind you, this is only the 2nd layer. So I gave up, and sleep with my half dried polish, knowing I would have to remove it and apply fresh polish in the morning. For curiosity sake, I left it on just to know how long will this polish really dry out. 

Surprise me, it hasn’t dry fully even in the morning. Slight knock on the table make dent on the polish.

One bottle goes to the newly opened polish graveyard.

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