Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Ruby Supercool Nail Tattoos

I am sooo excited upon pressing the ‘order’ button from Big Ruby! I want… no… I NEED… Nail tattoos! Totally! And today, it arrives on my doorstep! Yay!
Big Ruby is proudly American brand and proudly animal lover too! Plus they made really cute and cool designs for your nail. And…they deliver internationally! What’s not to love from this brand?

I ordered 3 designs from Big Ruby: gardens, tweet and sea creatures. With my order, Big Ruby also sent me the really cool skull&crossbones tattoos (available for limited period of time as freebie...I think...)! Just in time for my Pirates of Caribbean fever (yes… I am still suffering from the Pirates fever until now…) Each design comes in individual resealable plastic sheet containing 86 designs… smaller ones for your mani and bigger ones for your pedi.

These tattoos are easy peasy to use. Reminiscent of temporary tattoos from my childhood! Just cut the design you want, peel off clear plastic sheet & press the design face down to your nail (or skin). Then add a drop or two of water and keep on pressing the design firmly for 15 seconds or so. Slowly peel off the white paper backing and… voila! Instant nail art. LOVE…

I really really recommend applying top coat on your design. Else you end up like me… being too excited and touched the newly applied design and make an ugly mark on it. Be patient… and don’t get overly excited… dont forget your top coat!

Second try, I applied single coat of OPI Rapidry top coat. so far it has been 3 days and my tattoo is still sitting pretty and glossy, even though tip of my nail mani has shown wear and tear chipping. I am happppyyyy with this!

Would recommend this cool stuff to any lazy nail art lover. Granted, these doesn’t shimmer or glitter like regular girly girl decal… but this totally has the cool vibe on it. Im not affiliated with Big Ruby, but in case you are interested, they are here -- http://www.bigrubytattoos.com/

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