Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Neutrogena Ageless Essentials Continuous Hydration SPF 25 with Helioplex

Ive been looking for light, moisturizing SPF for my arms for ages by now. For some reason, I keep on bumping into either SPF cream/milk without moisturizing property or those thick gooey smelly SPFs. Until I bumped in to this…

According to the direction, I is supposed to be used for face, neck and chest… but I am using it for my arms and hands, as I prefer to split moisturizer and SPF for face. But too lazy to do the same for my arms…hehe…

The texture of this one is just perfect. Light cream with just enough moisturizing feel. the formula sports fresh fragrance, if you smell hard enough, you might be able to detect the SPF-ey smell. Not as noticeable as other SPFs though.

Doesn’t feel oily too! Perfect for spring/summer!

Another plus… it doesn’t ‘slid off’ / ‘washed away’ when I wash my hands. With that, this has become my desk essential!

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