Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Makarizo Advisor Hair Recovery Instant Treatment with Silk Protein

Makarizo is one ‘professional’ hair care range that’s rather famous in Indonesia recently. It claimed to have its formulation done in California, however, brief googling couldn’t lead me to American page about this brand. All activities are done in South East Asia as far as I can see. So I think, I would assume this is an Asian brand.

My perpetually dry and occasionally split end-ed hair really needs something to make it appear healthier. So I grabbed this one to ‘repairs & nourishes dry or damaged hair and split ends, adds gloss and sheen, blow dry heat protection and UV protection’. Okay, for the last claim, I couldn’t find any SPF number in the packaging, so I don’t know how they claim the last one.

Moving on to the product, this clear heavy serum is supposed to be applied on your hair anytime it needs extra sheen. Feels siliconey. Too bad I couldn’t find any ingredient list near the packaging.

 It does add a little sheen, but I don’t feel like it saves my dry hair too much. The fragrance it sports is rather strong jasmine scent. Doesn’t bother me at all after applied on hair, as long as you don’t pour the whole tiny tube and use it at once.

the teeny weeny 8mL tube lasts me a good 2 weeks, with about every 2 days use, not more than a few drops each use. I use them when my hair is dry.

A fun add on for your regular hair routine, but doesn’t help much IMO… .

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