Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Holika Holika Waterdrop Tint Stick in 4 Waterdrop strawberry

Cold refreshing things are what we always need and dream of in summer, right? Unless you are living in a tropical country like me, which in my case, I always need and want and dream of cold refreshing things. Holika holika tried to fulfill this dream for me… I mean, all of us, cosmetic lovers…

Waterdrop tint stick promises fresh colors and tint… super summer appropriate! Of 5 colors, I picked number 4 - Waterdrop strawberry.

The packaging is simple glossy plastic tube with color coordinated shade as the lip color inside. The tube feels kinda light and cheap. 

Waterdrop strawberry is cool toned medium bright pink. Very cheerful. When applied, it does feel like I’m applying water on my lips… refreshing indeed… but not menthol/minty refreshing feel. It has light strawberry bubblegum fragrance when applied, it dissipates quickly after application. And I cant detect any taste too. 

The product however, is a little bit hard to control, especially if you have dry lips like mine… the lip swatches made here is done direct from tube… see how the product tend to clump on dry patches of my lips? But I can easily even the tint up with few swipes and taps with my fingertips. A bit warning though… this lip color stains easily. So, expect pink tinted fingertip.

The nice thing is building color is very easy and the color is transparent, therefore there’s no risk of looking like you are wearing too much lipstick here. 

Staining power of this tint is good. It stays put until the end of the day. It doesn’t dry up my lips. I prefer to top it with a nice moisturizing balm or gloss, since my lips is super dry.


Nice addition for my summer make up box. Color is cheerful, staying power is good. Too bad the packaging is tad too flimsy for my taste.

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