Thursday, September 18, 2014

Peripera Wholly Deep Liner Kit – Disney Frozen box

This cute box is part of irresistibly cute release by Peripera with Disney’s Frozen theme. I reviewed Elsa’s lip tint and fell in love, proceed to buy Anna’s lip tint (not yet reviewed). And now, I am going to share with you joy in a box that is Wholly Deep Liner Kit.

It comes with cute tin box featuring Elsa and Anna. Plus… Olaf in the inner lid of the box. I was so thrilled to see Olaf inside ! The box contains 5 mini sized eyeliners. 

The pencil design is typical of more ‘modern’ eye liners, with plastic body instead of wooden pencil. I am loving plastic pencils as the shavings are easier to handle than of wooden pencil. Unfortunately the plastic body of these pencils are white. Therefore it got stained pretty easily… mine got stained already by the time I received it. Probably it does nothing to the quality of the product, but I just don’t like my white pencils spotty…

I love the color selection of the box… I do think it is harmonious, even though the deep maroon (number 4) can be tricky to use. The colors included is matte black (1),  medium-brown with light shimmer (2), purple with slight iridescent shimmer (3), deep maroon with shimmer (4) and clear with ivory shimmer (5). Matte black 1 is the most pigmented of all, iridiscent purple (3) is the least pigmented, if you count out clear shimmery (5).  I am quite happy with all of the pencil’s pigmentation.
hand swatch from 5 to 1 (rightmost). drawn in then tails blended with fingertips
Cosmetic issues with the packaging aside, the pencils itself is waterproof and managed to stay put and pristine on my oily lids the whole day. It doesn’t migrate or fade. Removal with eye make up remover or oil remover is recommended, since it really stays there. When I rubbed my eyes a bit, the liner pills… I find this is the case with Etude’s 101 Play pencils too. It doesn’t bother me, since as long as I don’t touch my eyes, it wont create any problem to me.

The packaging box also includes a how to diagram to create an eye look using this pencils. In the beginning I was skeptical if it is possible to create such look with eyeliner pencils. But apparently, it was possible, since the pencils are creamy during application and can be easily blended with fingertips before it sets. Once it sets, it will stay still. It took about 1 minute to set in my case…enough time for me to blend and play around with shadings. 

Wonderful, cute set. Love the color selection, Love the pencil texture and love the longevity.

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