Friday, September 26, 2014

Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk in PK 001 Dreamed Pink Flirt, PK 002 Pounding First Kiss and BE 101Chic Hollywood Bay

It always feels like Christmas comes early each time I see a box sitting on my desk. This time, I know for sure, the box contains my Dear My Wish Lips Talk. 

I picked PK 001, PK 002 and BE 101. Packaging wise, it is almost similar with the older version of Dear My Lips Talk series (without the 'Wish'). 

Now, let’s start with the color… I do love how all three of  my choices comes out. PK 001 is light medium pink, bright and cheerful. PK 002 is colder, lighter berry shade… I am particularly loving this one… it allows me to wear berry without making me feel old about it. BE 101 is warm nude brown, very pretty too. PK 001 and BE 101 are two of the recommended color from Etude House. All colors I picked are cream with glossy finish.

The texture is super creamy and super pigmented. I started with PK 002, I was pleasantly surprised with the pigment this pretty bullets pack. On my lip swatch over here, I only applied on top of my lips (direct from bullet) then close my lips together to spread out and even out the color. On my hand swatches, they are single swipe direct from bullet. Swiping this lippie feels so nice… so smooth and the slip is just lovely…

 Unlike lighter PK 001 and BE 101, PK 002 stains my arm a bit, even though I used cream make up remover only 1-2 minutes after making swatch. Like any creamy lipstick, it does transfer to my cup super easily too.. . but since the color is so pigmented, the transfer doesn’t affect the color intensity on my lips as much. 

Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk PK 001

I find the lippie feels light and not drying at all on my lips. Lately my lips has been super dry and I almost always apply honey on my lips to moisturize it a bit. So…. Getting ‘not drying’ statement from me, I do think is a good thing… 

Full luscious color lasts until mid-day, it is pretty much gone after I had my lunch, except light stain around my lips... I suspected this happened because my lips is super dry these days. Until the color is gone, I do think the lippie doesnt dry my lips at all... so, I am super happy about this...

BE101 is a pleasant surprise… the beige adds a bit of life on my pale lips. Like its sisters which I have tried, the color is pigmented and the slip during application is just nice. It is more forgiving than other creamy pale lipcolors I have tried, it doesn’t settle too much in my liplines. The half lip swatch was a single swipe. The full lip swatch was a double swipe.

I’ll update this post/created new post when I’m done trying PK 002 . Sooo excited! Let's hope the other two color packs as much pigment as this one!

I am so happy with the slip, creaminess and pigmentation here. May be I will be purchasing new colors if Etude House launched new colors. 
I do think this is Etude House's best lipstick formula so far. (Counting out the Color Pop gloss stain hybrid, since it is technically not a lipstick).

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