Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kose Visee Mineral Liquid Cheeks Baby Finish in RD 401 and PK 800

I have been waiting for this product for ages to appear in my favorite e-retailers…but I didn’t see any sign of it appearing… when my bestie, the wonderful Astrid happen to visit Japan. She grabbed me RD 401 and PK 800! Thanks a lot, angel!

Now the product… it is a recent spring 2012 launch which is part of the mineral series. Previously they also offered blusher in compact powder form. I have to say, the compact powder blusher is hit and miss. Sometime they give you wonderful color payoff, sometimes not.

Not so for this baby! This light thin cream packs a lot of pigment. A little goes loooonng way… see here, I blended out a little of the product, and you can still see how pigmented it is. 

The light cream texture is lovely. Easy to spread and blend. But once it sets (after 30 seconds-1 minutes) it wont budge. After swatching this product, I went off and did some cleaning and washing chores. To my surprise, the pigment was still there until I wash it off properly with soap and water.
I am so super loving this product… even though each tiny tube only pack 10gr of the product… considering the pigmentation, these can lasts me long time.
Instant love…

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